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Carpet FAQs

Why Buy Carpet From Us?
Integrity, experience, service, price, and excellent communication.
What Is The Value Of Having Carpet In A Room?
Carpet is a perfect choice for any room in the home. The variety of styles, patterns and colors add warmth, comfort, and soft quiet features to your homes décor. Advanced technologies over the last decade has made carpet stronger, softer and more stain resistant than any other generation of carpet. 
What Are The Hygienic Properties of Carpet?
Carpet will collect allergens and help control indoor allergies. Carpet is the lowest VOC- emitting floor choice improving indoor air quality in your home.
Can Carpet Reduce Noise?
Carpet and pad substantially reduces noise levels throughout the home or office.
Carpet Vs Other Flooring?
Carpet is generally chosen over other types of flooring because of price, multiple decorating options, and the choice of hundreds of styles and colors.
Carpet Care?
Professional cleaning of your carpet can extend the life span months and years. However; vacuum on a regular basis and follow proper care and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacture.


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